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Safety. Quality. Client Satisfaction

It is vital to eliminate all unsafe work practices, injuries and incidents to perform all job related duties properly in a safe workplace. No work is ever to crucial that we cannot take to the time to do so in a safe manner. We have COR Certificate of Recognition designation as well as safety professional team member with CRSP designation. Quick N Quality is built on a solid foundation of Integrity, Responsibility, Teamwork and Leadership. That’s our bottom line.

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QQ Safety

Proprietary Safety Platform

We’ve developed an in-house safety & quality platform in which all crews can access the same documents and services.

Working With Safety and Speed

An extremely efficient method of communicating hazard IDs, learning for incidents, safety bulletins and training videos.

COR Certified Contractor

Occupational health and safety accreditation. and a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.

ISN Certification

Quick N Quality meets all ISN record keeping requirements for health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information.

We Take Our Job Seriously

We’re committed to workplace safety and professional planning ensures a smooth project with exceptional end results that last.

A Reputation for Doing It Right

Quick N Quality Oilfield Ltd. has a long-standing history of incredible work, excellent communication and job safety.

Quick N Quality

  • Quantify Risks
  • Understand Controls
  • Identify Hazards
  • Communicate a Plan
  • Know your Surroundings

Never Assume

  • Quality Control
  • Use Mitigating Strategies
  • Assign Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Involve Others
  • Team Work
  • Yield Results

Please feel free to contact us for any
pre-qualification requirements:

  • Workers Compensation Clearance Letters
  • Workers Compensation Premium Statements
  • Liability Insurance
  • ComplyWorks, ISN, Avetta
  • Access to In-House Safety Site (Policies and Procedures)
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Hands-down one of the most professional and well-operated pipeline contractors I have ever met. Without question I will work with Paul and his team on future projects.

Kelly Eros, Alchemy Imageworks

Incredibly efficient work and a pleasure to work with. One of the most intelligent and customer-focused pipeline contractors with a serious attention to safety and details.

Grillot DeGivry, AIW

Super easy to work with and very tenacious with difficult situations, and helped turn a difficult problem for us into a well-orchestrated solution. Highly-recommended.

R. Baranowski, CTO - AIN